4 choices of actions and actions shown in the skinny dog!

1. Sound sensitive

Skinny dogs are very sensitive to sound.
If the internal phone bell rings, or there is a loud noise that you cannot understand, you will bark fiercely because of your vigilance and discomfort. Even if you sleep very well, you will jump and bark because of a little noise. A skinny dog often sharpens the nerves.
To improve the dog’s excessive reaction to sound, it is very effective to get used to reactive sound.
For example, record the voice of the internal phone and listen to it again and again. We will learn that “even if the voice sounds, nothing terrible will happen”. The dog gets used to the sound little by little, and there should be a less excessive reaction.

2. Stomach disorder due to pressure

It can be said that dogs that are prone to stomach pain after feeling pressure have a subtle personality.
Well, I’d like to introduce you to what happened to my dog. The dog is originally a nervous and delicate character.
The night I took him to the animal hospital, my dog had diarrhea. Therefore, he was also examined the next day and diagnosed as having “a high chance of diarrhea due to fear in the animal hospital”. My pet dog is very naughty in an animal hospital, and trembles every time I go there.
There are other dogs
After thunder
After looking at the house for a long time
After going to an unknown place
In such conditions, sometimes the stomach will be damaged. There are no symptoms other than diarrhea and the stomach will recover immediately.
In this way, lean dogs will be afraid, and if they feel stressed, it will affect their stomach.
However, if you have symptoms other than diarrhea and diarrhea persists, you can consider reasons other than stress, then immediately go to the animal hospital.

3. Dislike strangers and dogs

Skinny dogs are not good at strangers and dogs, and often they are afraid.
Even dogs that are very kind to their families will be afraid to stay away from people and dogs they do not know and bark fiercely. This is due to a lack of socialization, vigilance towards unknown people, lack of self-confidence, and lack of relevant methods.
In recent years, more and more shops and public places have entered with dogs. Dogs barking at strangers and dogs can’t go to places like this.
To be able to go anywhere with your pet dog, it is recommended that lean dogs be trained as soon as possible. Since you can’t be in a hurry, please drag your feet from the field where your dog can move peacefully to a place you don’t know. As long as you’re a little scared, go back. If the owner can guide you to follow, praise.

4. Rigid expression and falling tail

Have you ever thought “my dog’s tail is so smudged”? This is one of the characteristics of slender dogs.
The tail of the dog shows joy, anger, sadness, and joy. Although the posture is very ordinary, most of them will feel pressure and discomfort only when the tail has fallen. Also, when the dog’s expression is rigid and the white eye part of his eyes is visible, he will feel the same pressure.
Sometimes, don’t worry too much. However, when you see these actions frequently, you should consider the causes of stress to eliminate them. Skinny dogs sometimes feel stressed for unexpected reasons.
If the tail and life seem to have pain and feel uncomfortable, please take me to the animal hospital immediately.


This article introduces the actions and 4 choices of actions shown in the lean dog. Is there anything suitable for your dog?
Dogs have different personalities. An open-minded dog, a skinny dog, etc. character is the personality of the dog. “Because of this character, I can’t.”
It is important to have a good understanding of the personality and nervous state of the dog and do things suitable for their methods of contact.