Why does an old dog stink? Four reasons and solutions

Four reasons old dogs stink

If I want to be an old dog, even if I do a good shampooing job, I always think that smell is more important than when I was young. Dogs are creatures with body odor, but as older dogs grow, the smell will still become stronger.
Like humans, it also smells like aging. Therefore, if you do not worry carefully, the smell will become heavier and heavier. We explore the causes and methods of eliminating the smell of older dogs.

1. There is a particular smell in the mouth
Bad breath in dogs is caused by the proliferation of bacteria in food lees left in the mouth. In the case of older dogs, there are many cases when disputes in the mouth become a cause of the odor, and many cases become periodontal diseases.
Although it is very difficult for dogs to suffer from caries, there are many cases of periodontal disease. It is said that about 80% of dogs over 3 years of age will suffer from periodontal disease. If it is an elderly dog, the incidence rate will be higher. Because periodontal disease not only makes bad breath strong but also causes visceral diseases such as kidney failure to emit odor from the mouth.

2. Smell of anal gland
The anal glands of dogs are the secretion glands on the left and right sides of the anus. It is pouch-shaped, in which the liquid of the anal gland with a strong odor is produced and gradually accumulated. Generally, there are many cases when anal gland fluid is discharged along with excretion, but individuals with an easily accumulated physique, even adult dogs, need to decrease regularly.
In the case of older dogs, the excretion force is weakened and secretion is easy to accumulate, which becomes the cause of the smell.

3. Smell from the ear
When you care about the smell of older dogs, some things cause the smell from the ears. If the dog’s ear is not properly cared for, various bacteria and molds are easy to reproduce, so it is also easy to produce odor.
In addition, in the case of external otitis caused by allergy, a strong odor may also be felt from the ear. The falling ear dog is easy to get warm in the ear, causing problems in the ear and generating odor, so it needs attention.

4. Aging smell
Dogs seem to have the same smell as the age of humans. When you feel that the smell of your pet dog that has become an old dog changes, it can be due to the smell of aging.
With increasing age, the function of ubiquitous bacteria used to decompose sebum will decrease. This is one of the reasons for the smell of aging. In addition, the odorous components secreted by the Apollo glands will also increase and the body odor will become stronger.

Ways to eliminate the smell of older dogs

Since it is an elderly dog, of course, its physical strength is weak. Pay attention to gentle care.

1. Prevent bad breath
Not only the old dog but also the oral care of the dog is necessary. Although the toothbrush is very effective, if you can’t use it well, try using a dog house cleaner. There is a spray type, and there are also types of cleaning with soft cloth and cotton.

2. Reduce the anal gland
When you care about the smell of the buttocks, there are also reasons for anal glands, so do the anal opening to eliminate secretion.
When the anal gland looks at the anus from the front, it is at positions 4 and 8. Lift the tail with one hand and gently rub the position of the anal gland with the thumb and index finger of the other hand, and the secretion will come out easily. To take it from the bottom up, squeeze it gently. However, since it is a question of know-how, it is not forced; It is also recommended to concentrate in the animal hospital.

3. Ear Care
Since the smell is often emitted by the ear, ear care should also be gentle. To keep clean, careful care is necessary, but it will bring weight to the skin every day. Take about once a week as standard, and determine the frequency while confirming the status.
Older dogs with sensitive skin also sell easy-to-use earphone cleaners. Because it is dangerous to put it in the deep part of the ear hole, just gently wipe the visible area.

4. Clean the body frequently
For dogs, shampoo is a very exhausting thing. If it’s an old dog, it’ll be heavier. I don’t think shampoo can be used frequently, so make a habit of cleaning your body regularly.
After eating, it is often dirty around the mouth, which can also cause odor. So I’ll clean it for you every time. There are also large paper towels for dogs to clean the whole body.