5 selections of dogs that should wear clothes explain the reasons and points to pay attention to

Many situations need to be resolved! Dogs that should wear clothes

It is often heard that “dogs do not need clothes”, but it is not necessarily useless. Among dog suits, there are ultraviolet and cold protection measures, and the role of protecting the skin is also very.
Here are explained the species of dog that should wear the suit and the reasons. If you have the right breed of dog, choose comfortable clothes that your dog does not hate.

1. Mini Duxford

Since the mini dachshund is a short-legged dog, it is famous as a type of dog that is not resistant to asphalt reflection in summer. Because your feet are short and easy to hit by the asphalt reflection, wearing clothes can protect your skin and hair.
For the same reason, it is better to wear clothes for albedo Countermeasures in the summer. When wearing a dress in summer, it is recommended to wear clothes with mesh materials that do not feel warm. Recently, there are also fresh clothes that are wet with water, so choose clothes for your dog.

2. Chihuahua

Chihuahua is very small, so it is difficult to regulate the temperature of the dog. There are no problems in summer, but since winter is not good at protecting the body from the cold, it is recommended to wear thicker clothes as a cold prevention measure.
In addition, Chihuahua is not only clothing but also other breeds of dogs that need protection from the cold. Since there are snowy areas, you need to wear long boots. For the same reason, toy poodles, which are small dogs of the single-haired breed, are better to take a walk in winter in cold-proof clothes.

3. Italian Grey Hound

As a single-haired dog and short-haired dog, the Italian gray dog is a dog that needs clothes for slightly cold autumn. If you do not do a good job of preventing cold, you will feel uncomfortable.
Since it is a very cold-resistant dog, we recommend not only the body in winter but also the often integrated type from neck to ankle.

4. French Bulldog

The French Bulldog is a short-headed dog and a short-haired dog, so it is representative of a dog that is not good at regulating body temperature. Due to the tendency to be particularly resistant to cold, you should wear thick clothes in winter and take cold prevention measures before going out.
Also, due to the fear of heat, it is important to change the period of walking in the morning and a little later in the evening in summer, and take appropriate measures to prevent heat stroke. Since it is also weak to ultraviolet rays, it is suitable for a suit made of mesh materials for ultraviolet countermeasures.

5. Pug

Like the French bulldog, the pug is a short-headed dog that is not resistant to cold or heat. And because it is classified as a small dog, it has a very weak tendency to the cold.
In addition, since it is a breed of dog with multiple children with weak hearts, it also has the risk of causing the weight to the heart due to the cold. Therefore, when walking in winter, you need to wear a cold dress more often.

What should you pay attention to when choosing a dog’s outfit?

As mentioned above, single-haired dogs, short-haired dogs, and short-headed dogs must wear clothing depending on the different periods to regulate body temperature and prevent ultraviolet rays.

The following points should be paid attention to when selecting clothes for dogs. It is recommended to go to the store to choose.
Choose the right size for your dog
Avoid things with too many decorations
Children chewy choose clothes made of solid materials
Choose clothes suitable for the material and thickness of that period
I don’t force myself to wear it, I get used to it little by little.
Needless to say, the dog’s body is very important to fully consider comfort around the neck. In addition, decorations with strident things are easy to generate pressure for dogs, so try to choose simple designs.
For dogs who are not used to wearing clothes, it is recommended to put a handkerchief on their back at the beginning to get them used to the cloth. Gradually increase the contact area of the cloth and finally try to wear a dress.


come. Suits are also used for cold protection, ultraviolet protection, and the prevention of skin diseases. In addition, there are many recommended clothes for dogs, elderly dogs, and puppies after surgery. Be sure to choose functional clothes that your dog can wear without pressure.