Dogs are very satisfied with the “summer convenience project” 4 choices

1. Cold collar

A “cold neck” is worn on the neck of a dog. It is very suitable for walking in summer. Aren’t there a lot of people who use it? Dogs can not sweat everywhere like humans, so a cold neck with a heat vaporization cooling effect is very convenient.
Put the frozen cryoprotectant in the refrigerator in the cold neck and wrap it around the neck of the dog. Since almost all items are buckle type, they can be easily installed and are very suitable for releasing body heat. Since there are many soft and light materials, it will not be a burden on the neck running with glands and others when walking.
Almost all cryoprotectants attached to the cold neck used by dogs do not use ethylene glycol. In case of licking, it will not harm your health. It’s very reassuring.
For the first time, wear it at home before going out for a walk. You feel pressure in extremely unpleasant conditions, so please stop the installation.

2. Bathrobe

There are a lot of dogs in suits. The swimsuit is limited in summer, so it will add a special feeling and become a great memory. People who are good at sewing will make the same bathrobe themselves!
The dog looks very cute in a bathrobe. The owner is in a good mood and took many photos. When the dog sees the master’s posture like this, “the master is happy!” “I always feel very happy!” Very happy mood.
Dogs are animals that feel happy when they see the happy appearance of the owner, so they realize that “wearing clothes means the owner is happy”, and have no resistance to wearing clothes and bathrobes.
When you buy a swimsuit for your dog or make a swimsuit yourself, choose 100% cotton. Because he feels good, has no pressure, and has excellent ventilation.

Linen material (linen)

Linen material is indispensable in summer. In any case, flax is characterized by no fever. Because low thermal conductivity is effective as a term for lowering body temperature, high durability is also a popular one.
As a heat stroke prevention measure, it can be used for the beds, pillows, and clothes of dogs.


Dogs spend most of the day at home. For this reason, change the furniture and conditions for dogs according to the season. Especially in summer, heat stroke can occur at home, so it needs attention.
Cold pillows are recommended as an item of convenience at home. The alias is “contact with cold material”. If you touch it, you will feel cool and release the heat into your body. This is heat conduction, and the linen described above also has this property.
In addition, aluminum is recommended as a cold plate. It is excellent, strong, and durable as the material releases heat. Since it can be completely washed, the host can also save problems. It is a very suitable project for children who love solid places like floors.