Newly developed dog health and happiness measuring tool

In recent years, more and more people think that pets are not only pets, but also family members. As for the daily life of dogs, it is not only eating and walking, but also living comfortably without boredom. There is no place where the dog is uncomfortable, and things to notice have become common.
Dogs like this live a happy, healthy, and happy life every day. How to maintain the healthy life of dogs and how to improve the healthy life of dogs were concerns by staff related to the dog.
In medical and welfare surveys, owners and carers will respond to complex and long tabs to measure the complete health of dogs. However, so far there is no simpler and more reliable health measurement tool.
This time, researchers from Mars pate care company, a major pet food manufacturer in the United States, balsam pate Nursing Science Research Institute, and the company’s off-duty pet hospital announced that they have developed a tool to measure the health and happiness of dogs.

Survey on the questionnaire of the evaluation tools trial

The dog health measurement tool is a question sheet that people who care for dogs have answered. To select the correct judgment elements, a team of veterinarians, veterinary nutritionists, veterinary action scholars, and dog owners was created.
The development team has developed a questionnaire covering nine areas: physical factors such as energy level, vigilance, pain, appetite, water supply, and hygiene, as well as emotional factors such as happiness and anxiety, social communication, and other social factors.
A total of 94 experimental questionnaires were submitted, and MAS Pate Nursing employees at all sites in the UK and the US provided experimental responses and made improvements. A questionnaire on the popularity of dogs was made limited to 36 articles and the owners of dogs randomly selected by customers of Ban field Pet Hospital were tasked with answering.
The responses received were compared with the medical records of their dogs in the pet hospital to verify whether the assessment of the owners was appropriate. The answers to the questionnaire are consistent with the medical records of dogs, which can determine the general burnout that is easily ignored in the general diagnosis.

Use the completed QOL questionnaire to measure the happiness and health of dogs

The dog’s health measurement tool was called the QOL question table. QOL is the first letter of quality of life, also called quality of life in Japan, which means the quality of life.
This QOL questionnaire will consist of 32 questions. The 32 articles included 5 fields on daytime activities and 3 fields on diet. The health and happiness of dogs were quantified based on their responses.
The five areas of activity during the day were classified as dog energy level, vigilance, relaxation (without fear and anxiety), happiness (without loss), and socialite (with love contact with the owner and other animals).
The eating field is divided into relaxation (eating quietly without feeling pressure), interest (showing interest and excitement for food), and satisfaction (if satisfied after eating).
In an article published in nature, the researcher responsible for development said that this questionnaire evaluated the quality of life of dogs and effectively measured their happiness and health of dogs.


This article presents the question card developed by the large pet food manufacturer MAS Pate Care Company and its Research Institute and Animal Hospital as a tool to measure the health and happiness of dogs.
Using this questionnaire, dog owners and veterinarians can better understand the health status of dogs. By answering questions, the owner will also notice new things, and clues will be linked. The report to the veterinarian can become detailed and accurate. I can’t wait to popularize the questionnaire for general use.