What is the “health law” to keep dogs healthy? 4 tips to be aware of

This time, we summarized the health methods to keep dogs physically and mentally healthy, along with the know-how we should be aware of.

1. Stimulate and satisfy instincts

By stimulating and satisfying the dog’s instinct, it can make the body and mind healthy. Because it helps relieve and relieve stress.
For example, the instinct of a dog is to smell. Especially when dogs want to smell, they are walking. I care about the smell of other dogs. It is also an act of gathering information.
For dogs to smell before they are satisfied, they must master a clean and safe place. Even if the dog is very interested, sometimes it needs the owner to judge the danger and stop. In addition, rabies vaccination and mixed vaccine are also necessary for the prevention of infectious diseases.

2. Give the owner contact time with people and dogs other than his family

What makes the dog physically and mentally healthy is the time of contact with the owner, people outside the family, and the dog It is not only the period of social learning of puppies but also important after becoming an adult dog and an elderly dog.
In puppies and adult dogs, the socialite is cultivated by going out and contacting other people and dogs. Getting used to unknown and uncomfortable things, fear, vigilance, and stress will be reduced.
If you become an older dog, your contact with other people and dogs will become exciting. It is also useful for brain activation, and the active body is also effective for maintaining muscle strength. I hope you can keep walking with your feet for a long time.
Respect the character and personality of the dog and do not force it. Isn’t it good that contact with the outside world and with other people and dogs can help maintain physical and mental health?

3. Consider oral health

The best way to keep a dog healthy is to consider health in the mouth. Dogs with healthy mouths have almost no bad breath. It is the degree of the smell of saliva.
(watch out for bad breath from the dog) when it is already a periodontal disease, the possibility is very high. The gums are inflamed, periodontal bacteria proliferate, and tartar forms stones. If you have severe periodontal disease, you cannot expect natural treatment even if you thoroughly brush your teeth.
If it is inflamed, the blood vessels in the gums will become brittle. Bacteria enter the blood vessels and are transported throughout the body. It becomes the cause of heart failure, liver failure, kidney failure, and other diseases. It is said that dogs with severe periodontal disease have many heart diseases.
To protect your dog’s physical and mental health, if you start worrying about bad breath, go to a dental examination.

4. Adapting the living environment

The best way to keep dogs healthy is to regulate their living environment. It’s not difficult at all. These are all things you can do right now.
In short, the floor is very slippery. When you’re young, even if you slip and fall, you have the muscle strength to support you, but it’s a big burden for your joints. Soon it will cause arthritis, become the cause of injuries, and know the size weight.
Jumping off the couch and going up and down the stairs risk falling. It is easy to become the cause of dislocation and fracture, most of which occur in your own homes. The sofa is equipped with stairs and ramps for dogs, and the front of the stairs is equipped with access control for pets.
There are also things to be aware of in the place where the cage is placed. Do not put it near the door or mobile line where people enter or exit, and do not put it near the window, which is easily stimulated from the outside.
Although some dogs like to look out the window, the cage is a place where dogs can rest physically and mentally. Put pillows and special beds in places where you can relax and enjoy your time.