Reasons and symptoms for increased “depression” in dogs 5 choices! Improvement method

Dogs, like humans, also suffer from mental illness for various reasons. In fact, in recent years, you know that the “depression” of such dogs tends to increase.
As a result, the owners injected more love into the dog than before. As a result, the owners treat the dog as a human being, which brought pressure on the dog, and the dependence became higher, and the situation of separation discomfort increased.
For dogs, he is very happy to pour love into their owners. However, if the sense of distance is too close, the dog’s dependence on the owner will increase, and if the owner’s shadow is not seen, it will produce strong discomfort.

Symptoms of dogs with “depression”

So, what kind of symptoms do dogs show with “depression”? Dog owners should check if their dogs suffer from “depression”.

1. Increased problem actions

In the case of increasing problematic actions such as futile barking and destructive actions, it is suspected that dogs may suffer from depression such as strong anxiety and fear.
Recently there have been great changes in the family environment and a lack of communication between the owners. The main reasons for feeling uncomfortable are stacked together. Try to be aware of the need to communicate.

2. They often show anxiety

He often follows his master and wanders the room as if he were wandering. This is also one of the signs that dogs with depression typically see.
Dogs with depression typically feel uncomfortable and afraid, so they do not have a mental surplus. To eliminate this discomfort, he wandered around the room and followed the master for a sense of peace of mind.

3. Joint actions

Lick your front feet, repeatedly dig holes, chase your tail, etc. Taking the same action is called “joint action”.
In many cases, this “common action” is to eliminate anxiety, fear, and boredom. There are also many dogs with depression. If they are updated, there are also dogs with self-harming behaviors. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention.

4. Loss of appetite

Dogs with depression do not eat dog food and snacks that have been eaten so far and have a lot of loss of appetite.
In particular, if the type of dog food and physical condition has changed, but I do not know why I do not eat rice and snacks, I suspect it is depression caused by strong stress.

5. Diarrhea, vomiting, and other symptoms

There are also many dogs with stomach discomfort due to intense stress. Among dogs with depression, there are many children with frequent symptoms such as diarrhea and vomiting. Therefore, in the absence of other abnormalities, depression caused by stress can be considered.
Effective ways to improve “depression” are:

There are several ways the owner can improve when a dog suffers from depression.
The reason for the depression of the dog is that when communication is insufficient, it is effective to increase playtime and physical contact with the owner and to prepare good toys and other awareness improvements that can kill the time when the owner is away.
However, in case of excessive dependence on the guest’s “separation anxiety”, too much current situation can have the opposite effect.
In this case, do not pay too much attention to it before going out and after going home. To increase the time spent by a person, the method of improvement should be selected to maintain a certain distance.
In any case, if you do not know how to improve, please consult a dog trainer, a cool dog, a veterinarian who is good at psychological care, and a local hospital.