New Discovery: Untouched Egyptian Tomb Was Found By Workers

It was a surprise to archaeologists who discovered ancient treasures that they had never seen before when they were sent to the undeveloped desert by the Egyptian government. Continue reading to find out what they discovered about ancient Egyptian civilization. Are there any subversive perceptions of it?

Hiding in the desert

The Egyptian archaeologists found many ancient objects and relics that they had never seen before in this desert that had not been developed

Not always so lucky

As ancient tomb builders were very cunning and cautious, many key positions were hidden when tombs were built, which would present archaeologists with a great challenge

Repair damage

The Egyptian cultural departments and archaeologists tried to repair the damaged tombs, after grave robbers damaged some of the undeveloped tombs.

No defense

Damned grave robbers ransacked the area and stole precious cultural relics many times in the past. In Egypt, many areas were completely unguarded

Grave robber

A large number of tombs were looted and destroyed by tomb robbers, and a large number of tombs cannot be repaired. With current science and technology, more protective measures cannot be taken. Many cultural relics may be oxidized instantly upon contact with the air.

Great discovery

Fortunately, tomb robbers didn’t find this tomb, which is one of the most magnificent ancient tombs ever found. It is unique and perfectly preserved.

Gilded silver mask

An archaeologist found a gold-plated silver mask in a wooden coffin, preserved in its original state

Mummy insects

An archaeologist discovered many insect mummies in a tomb, which were well-preserved and had clearly visible bodies

Mummy animals

The ancient people believed that animals, including cats and dogs, could find use after death. Animals were often sacrificed as part of sacrifices.


Despite being 4400 years old, this tomb still appears intact


On the stone walls, ancient people painted intricate carvings and hieroglyphs that contained a wealth of information