Deepest Hole On Earth Was Permanently Sealed After Finding Mysterious Fossil

This drill hole was built by the Soviet Union, and its depth record has not been broken so far. Tourists can still see it in nearby villages.

Mysterious underground world, please read on…

It is called the arrow pointing to hell. This scene was accidentally shot by a Japanese astronaut in space It is undeniable that we now know far less about what is beneath the earth\’s surface than we do about the universe. Although many people know about the space race between the United States and the Soviet Union during the Cold War, few people know about the equally fascinating battle to explore the secrets under the dense crust of the earth.

The project was near a city in Mexico, and American engineers were responsible for drilling to a depth of more than 700 feet (0.21 km) in the sea. Later, drilling was suspended due to a lack of project development funds

We were very shocked. At that time, the Soviet Union had a lot of scientific and technological strength. The drilling came from a base area in Russia. The goal of this project was to drill into the deepest part of the earth as far as possible.

In 1983, Russia set a new record with an incredible depth of 39000 feet (ca. 12 km). In the next five years, this borehole will be the holder of the deepest cave on the earth.

This project was carried out by an American company in the United States in 1974. Its depth is more than 31400 feet (9.57 km).

This is another masterpiece of the Soviet Union, the world’s most famous borehole, attracting many tourists to visit here

This is a natural cave. When the expert detected 10000 feet (3.05 km), the temperature had risen to an amazing 460° F, but this is not all. With reaching a deeper position, its temperature is higher.

Soviet experts gave up the previous drilling task and continued to explore here. Until 1990, the drilling depth had reached 44000 feet (13.41 km)