20 Most Dangerous Bridges in the World

Throughout the world, there are many interesting bridges, which are shocking and dangerous. They are bridges built by human wisdom.
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The Royal Gorge Bridge

You can imagine what it would be like to sing on this bridge. It is the highest bridge in the United States. Please add this to your list of tourist attractions.
But this is not the most fascinating and dangerous bridge. There are more
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Siduhe Bridge

This bridge is located in Hubei Province, China. It is not only very solid but also stunning that China has used rockets to build this bridge. China’s infrastructure construction speed in the past decade ranks first in the world. This is just one of China’s bridges. There are many similar bridges in China.

China’s 500-foot Qiaoqiao Bridge

This high-altitude bridge is located in a theme tourism park in Chongqing, China. In addition to its amazing height, there is also a glass sidewalk bridge around it. If you want to test your limits by walking in the air, please join your travel list. It should be noted that this high-altitude tourist bridge has a very large gap, and sometimes you need to jump over it. Do you want to challenge it?

Seven Mile Bridge

If you are on the Seven Mile Bridge during hurricane season, it can be very scary. If you are in the middle of the bridge, it will become incredibly hazardous.

Xuankong Temple

Xuankong Temple is located in Shanxi Province, China. It is a house built on the mountain wall It has a very long history, 1000 years ago. The house is on the mountain, but please rest assured that it is very solid and has been proven for more than 1000 years. The ticket is about 15 dollars. Please join your travel list.


As you walk on the bridge, you feel as though you are crossing an endless highway. The bridge is located in Louisiana, USA. It is 38.4 km long. A hurricane hit it in 2005.

Langkawi Sky Bridge

It is located in Malaysia and has a height of 687 meters. Although its structural integrity is excellent, its reputation has not disappeared. There are many rumors about it. Some people believe it could collapse at any moment.

Ai’zhai Bridge

Ai ‘hai Bridge is located in Hunan Province, China. It was built from 2007 to 2011. The total length of the highway is 1.7 km, the bridge deck is four lanes, and the height is 355 m. The environment and weather of this bridge are changeable, and the canyon is foggy. At that time, construction was very difficult.

Immortal bridge

The only problem is that it takes time to get to the bridge, and the process can be terrible. This bridge with a strange name is located in China. The bridge allows passers-by to look down from the clouds, which helps explain its name.