Man Thought He Found A Puppy In The Forest – Then Vet Calls The Police

David found an injured black puppy in the forest, he was going to take the puppy to the vet to help it, but the vet found it was a big mistake, it wasn’t a puppy. It should go back to the forest….. The story starts below, read on…..

Not a puppy

When the veterinarian examined the black puppy, it was very strange, and it was not a puppy. David is very surprised, what’s going on?

A big mistake

The vet put his hand on David’s shoulder and told him, “it’s not your fault, but you should take it back to the forest, and you should leave it alone.”

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should leave it alone

David was very surprised by the veterinarian’s explanation, David just wanted to help the poor puppy, and David was very curious, what kind of animal had he rescued from the forest?

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Animal lover

David is an animal lover. He often rescues injured and lost animals since he was 18 years old. He loves nature very much. David goes to the forest every weekend to find animals in need, but what happened today makes him feel very shocked.

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Animals in need

This is not the first time David has rescued animals. He has rescued dozens of animals, stray dogs, and cats as well as birds. Helping animals will make David feel good. After all, small animals are cute.

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Small animals

David likes to help small animals and is familiar with how to treat small animals. He can identify basic problems. He knows many veterinarians in the city, but this time the situation is different. The trouble will start soon.

Cry for help

David came to the forest, as usual, this morning, he was going to camp here tonight when he crossed a small river, he heard an animal calling for help, David stopped and waited for the animal to make noise again, about a few seconds later David heard the sound again, a very weak sound, but David felt that the direction of the sound should come from the front…

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A lost puppy

David followed the direction of the voice and continued to move forward. He walked carefully, not wanting to startle the small animals. The voice is getting clearer and clearer… He is sure that he is very close to the small animal…

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Poor puppy

When I saw it, I found a black puppy in the cave. It fell into the cave and couldn’t get out. After all, it was still small, and its eyes were not fully opened. David carefully rescued the puppy from the cave. And look for wounds on the puppy.

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Are you hurt?

David carefully examines the puppy’s body, trying to find the wound. However, the puppy appeared to be in very good shape and was uninjured, except for falling into a burrow feeling lonely and scared. But David looked at the puppy in his arms and wondered… Is it a puppy?

Not so natural

The moss beside the little black dog is very strange. David thinks it is extremely rare in nature. Maybe it is an animal nest? David has doubts about this.

The Human Problem

If it hadn’t been an animal and it wasn’t natural, that left one possibility. Humans. The big question was why would someone come out to the middle of the woods and leave a baby puppy all alone? And was it even a puppy? David had a lot of questions and no answers, but he knew one thing had to be done.

Walking time

It was only 2 hours away from David’s parking place. David thought that holding the puppy was not safe for him, so he made a temporary shelter with his travel bag and put the puppy in it.

Looks like rain

David took the puppy out of the forest and continued to check the puppy repeatedly when he returned to his car, but it was about to rain, David didn’t want the poor little animal to be frightened in any way, but David looked at the little animal, the more he saw it. Getting more and more curious, David suspects that this is not a puppy, what is that?

Maybe a hybrid

This little black dog is still very small, with no special features other than dog-like, it is difficult to tell what it is, but its face looks like it may be some kind of crossbreed, and David can’t explain it in other ways.

Another idea

Maybe the little black dog doesn’t belong to this forest, possibly it doesn’t belong here. David suddenly had another idea. How did the little black dog come here? Is it possible that humans brought it here?

Need veterinary

At present, the most important thing is to take the dog to the vet as soon as possible. Only in this way can we help the little black dog, no matter what creature it is.

Parking lot

David’s memory is interrupted. He arrives at the parking lot and finds his car is missing. The loss of his car makes David feel very strange.


David was sure that he was legally parked, and it could not be towed away. What would happen? He explored the parking lot carefully and searched for his car. When he returned to the first place after a search, he found a significant clue.


David found a lot of small pieces of glass on the road. This is a piece of car glass. Someone stole his car. How can he go back now?


After thinking for a moment, David decided to call the police first. Fortunately, David still had a mobile phone. So he called the police. Now, the most significant thing is to give priority to car loss.


David explained his car model and license plate to the police and told them that he had something significant in the car. The police said to David that they would help David find the car immediately. They thanked the police and hung up the phone. Now there is nothing he can do.

There are no taxis here

But there is no taxi here, and the location is very remote. So David tried the taxi service with his mobile phone and explained the current situation to the driver. After hearing this, the driver thought it was too far to go to David’s location.

Fierce things

The city is so big that several taxi companies have refused service again and again. David began to lose hope. After being refused for the eighth time, David became desperate. Now it is raining. David doesn’t want to suffer cold weather here, so he must try to do something drastic.


David decided to hitchhike. Although there were not many vehicles on this road, there would still be some eventually. It was just a matter of time. David waited patiently for cars to pass by. Fortunately, he only waited for about 5 minutes and found a car approaching. David began to wave to the car.

A car

A woman stopped to ask about the situation. David explained that his car had been stolen and hoped that the woman could help him return to the city. Would the woman believe David?

Leave the city

Luckily, she needs to go to the city. It’s no problem to pick up David. She looks very kind and believes David’s story. David heard a strange noise from the back seat of the woman’s car just after the car was driven a little
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