Like riding Shinkansen with dogs! Observe the label and travel happily!

Can I let my dog ride the Shinkansen?

Although you cannot say that the conditions are the same as those of humans, you can ride the Shinkansen with dogs. Not only Shinkansen but also other private railways and buses can bring dogs with them.
As for the introduction of pets, railway companies have established their own rules: if the rules can be respected, you can use trams and buses to travel with dogs.
Few know that dogs, cats, and small animals can take public transport such as trams and buses.
On the contrary, many people do not know that you need freight transport to get their pets on the bus and take the bus without a ticket when they are not aware of it.
Therefore, when taking Shinkansen with the dog, it is necessary to confirm the necessary preparations, procedures, and precautions one by one.

How to let dogs ride the Shinkansen

Several things need to be confirmed in advance to allow dogs to ride the Shinkansen. The rules and rates of transport of the railway company have often changed, so it is advisable not to conclude that “this was the case before” and to confirm each use.
Especially when you take a dog on the bus, when you get on the bus, you will say “no!” In order not to happen such a thing, even if it is very annoying, it should be confirmed at any time.

How much does it cost to let a dog ride the Shinkansen?

In Jr, the maximum total of three sides (vertical, horizontal, and height) of pets (dogs, cats, and small animals) should be within 120 cm, and the combined weight of the animals should be within 10 kg. The whole body should be stored in a special box for animals.
At this time, if a part of the body, such as the head and tail, is not exposed outside the container, it can be used as a carry-on.
Since the station staff must confirm the size of the boxes carried, transport is not paid at the ticket office, but by purchasing manual tickets at the gate.
In the case of Jr, the cost of personal effects is 290 yen each, regardless of the travel distance. Although the cost of the designated place is paid, the place cannot be fixed to place the specific box for animals.

How old are dogs that can ride Shinkansen?

As mentioned earlier, when we put the dog on the Shinkansen, we decided to put it in the special box of animals. However, it is not limited depending on the different breeds of dogs, so any dog can ride as long as it can be placed in a box of specified sizes.
Considering the size of the box that can be carried inside, even if the dog is called a medium-sized dog, it can be taken even if the overall size is small and the weight is light. Even in the case of two small dogs, including the box, it can be taken even if the weight is less than 10 kg.
However, in the so-called breeds of large dogs, except newborn puppies, I fear that it is impossible in most cases.

Can I use the Shinkansen single room with a dog?

In principle, all Shinkansen trains are equipped with “multifunctional rooms” except for some short marshall trains.
The multifunctional room is a single room that can preferably be used by physically uncomfortable people, the seat also serves as a bed and a chair for assistants is also prepared.
It’s usually locked. If you want to use it, you can ask the steward for use. If there is no uncomfortable person to use it, even healthy people can use it if they are breastfeeding, changing clothes, or feeling sick. It can be used if children are noisy and cause problems to people around, but do not bring dogs.
The multifunctional room is always a facility for human use, not for pets. It is against the label to use with a dog.

And when does Carrie bring the dog?

When you take your dog out, you often use rings, backpacks, trolleys, etc. How do handle them when Shinkansen is taken by car?
If the backpack, cage, and suitcase used are within the dimensions of the special pet case, they can be carried directly as a special pet case.
However, the soft Carrie and dog ring, which are not fixed in shape, can not be used as a special box for animals according to the rules, even if they contain the whole body of the dog.
Carly and the frame are integrated trolleys (PET trolleys), although they can be folded, they cannot be included in the rules.
However, like the “pneumatic trolley” in the trolley, the transport part, and the chassis part can be separated. If the size of the transport part falls within the specified range, the transport part can be removed and the chassis part can be folded.
In this case, the transport, Cary, and chassis are only 290 yen. On the day of travel, make sure you can’t carry Carrie and the trolley.

Where do you put the dog in the seat?

In the Shinkansen car, put the dog box on the knee or foot of the owner and do not leave the box.
Never put the box in the seat just because you’re free. Also, avoid putting the suitcase in the trunk on the head of the seat.
If the box falls, it is very dangerous for humans and dogs. In order not to cause problems to other passengers during the journey, you need to properly handle the boxes on your side (within the reach of your hands).
The seat position is ideal close to the entrance and exit. Because it can move quickly to the deck even in case of inaspet events