Is the dog looking at his master? Explain the six actions you do often

What do dogs often do when caring for their owners

1. Exit the room quietly

Dogs sometimes leave the room quietly when observing their owners.
When the host makes a phone call, when he is addicted to TV and smartphone, when he works at the computer, he can not disturb… This is for concern.
The dog who leaves the room sometimes sleeps in the master’s bed, and sometimes is located in the hallway and corridor.

2. Sitting between the guest and the family

When a dog takes care of its owner, it is sometimes between the owner and his family.
Do you know under what circumstances this action was undertaken out of fear? It is when the landlord and his family quarrel.
Do you want to maintain a relationship with yourself? Should be able to let go, (I don’t want to see the angry expression of the landlord again!) (I hope my whole family can laugh happily…).

3. Licking hands and face

Dogs sometimes lick their hands and faces when paying attention to their owners.
This is often done when it is comforting. Licking “cheers up”? That’s what I said.
Some dogs lick more carefully, and some dogs lick their mouths with saliva. Because I know it will make the guest laugh and heal.
Perhaps some people do not like to be licked, but this is the concern and comfort of the dog. I hope you don’t refuse or get angry. “Thank you, enough” is not enough.

4. Observe from afar

When a dog pays attention to its owner, it will observe from afar.
I want to be closer, but I think it’s best to leave now. Even so, since I still care about my master’s, I will look.
This is also to respond to the owner’s “come on” posture at any time.

5. Sit next to your buttocks

When dogs pay attention to their owners, what they often do is sit with their buttocks together.
When it comes to why it is buttocks, one is proof of trust, and the other is hope that the guest can be safe.
If a dog is not a reliable person, he will not sit with his buttocks together. It’s like a bare back. I don’t know what to do from behind. Why the ass? You can think that way. This is a kind of loving action for your dog.

6. Breaking down together

Dogs sometimes bark together when paying attention to their owners.
This is when the landlord is angry or angry and complains. It is because only when you love a dog, and because you are in front of a dog that can not speak, you unknowingly say bad things.
At this moment, you understood the mood of the master… “ Yes, yes, just like my mother said!” Barks like that.