Does it matter if the dog eats fruit seeds? Is there really a seed that will never work?

The dog drank the fruit seeds by mistake.

In the summer, including the supply of water, the number of owners who supply fruit to their dogs will also increase. However, according to the different fruits, there are also seeds, so it is important to remove the seeds in advance to prevent dogs from swallowing them by mistake.
But if the dog eats fruit seeds, there is no problem. In the conclusion, we should pay attention to the abuse of fruit seeds. Fruit seeds, even if small, can clog the throat and cause intestinal obstruction depending on size and shape.
Also, depending on the type of fruit you ate, seeds may contain toxic ingredients. From vomiting, diarrhea, and other symptoms to dangerous symptoms related to life, when the dog eats fruit seeds, even if there is no abnormal change in the body, it should observe the situation for 1-2 days.
Also, if you eat fruit seeds that are considered unacceptable, they take you to the animal hospital where you often go.

What is the fruit seed that is not good for dogs?

So, what types of fruit seeds should never be given to dogs? If you eat the fruit seeds introduced here by mistake, please consult the animal hospital immediately.

1. Fishing seeds
In summer, from July to August, peaches are in season and many people at home want dogs to eat them. There is no problem with dogs eating peaches themselves. As a substitute for supplying water, peaches are also suitable for dogs, so many people eat peaches for dogs.
But when you give peaches, please remove the seeds before giving them. Fishing seeds have a certain size, but they are the dimensions that dogs can swallow. Therefore, asphyxiation after swallowing can be the cause of intestinal obstruction.
In case of intestinal obstruction, it will cause frequent vomiting, loss of appetite, loss of spirit, and other symptoms. Worst-case scenario, it’s also dangerous to die. Pay close attention to the peach seeds.

2. Cherry seeds

Cherry seeds are the same as peach seeds, although they are the size ingested by dogs, they can also cause intestinal obstruction depending on asphyxiation and conditions.
Also, you know that cherry seeds contain the ingredient “amiodarone”. This amygdala turns into highly toxic hydrogen cyanide (cynic acid) in the body, causing poisoning.
Because toxic substances can be the cause of physical discomfort, cherry seeds are one of the seeds that can never be eaten to breed all dangers.

3. Seeds of persimmon

Persimmon itself is sweet and delicious, it is a fruit that dogs can eat without problems. In addition, persimmons are also rich in minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients that dogs should take.
But persimmon seeds need to be removed. This also has the risk of causing intestinal obstruction and the risk of swallowing is very high.
There are also reports of choking due to blockage of the throat. Therefore, when administering persimmons, be sure to remove the seeds and then give them a small amount of meat.


Come. If your dog eats fruit seeds, you should carefully observe the situation for about two days. If there is any change, go to the animal hospital to see a doctor. Also, if you eat unacceptable fruit seeds, please treat them immediately in the hospital.