7 Things About China That Will Blow Your Mind

1.Mobile Payment

As of 2021, there are 1.1 billion mobile payment users in China, with a total transaction value of 23 trillion US dollars. Chinese people do not need to carry cash and credit cards when they go shopping. They only need a mobile phone to scan a QR code to complete a payment immediately.

Chinese men go out Usually only carry three items, mobile phone, keys, sunglasses. Anything you can think of can be paid with mobile phone. Even if you are in the countryside and see an old man selling local special products, please don’t take out cash and pay him with mobile phone .

7th Thing Incredible

2.Bike Sharing

In the city and even in the countryside, you can always see a row of shared bicycles on the side of the road. You just need to scan the QR code with your mobile phone, (the first use is free), and you can go anywhere you want.

Billing model: RMB 1 per hour for non-students and teachers. RMB 0.5 per hour for students and teachers.

3.Night Food Street

China is very passionate about cooking food. You can find food in any city in China at night. Ride a shared bike to find different styles of food in the city.

You will not go hungry even at 3 am, you can still find your favorite food on the street. In any city in China at 3 am, you can always see the street is very lively. They like to enjoy the night with friends on the street delicacy.


How safe is China?

If you see a little girl walking on the street at 0-3am. Please don’t worry about her, it’s a very normal thing in China.

You may not know that China is a very safe country.
In terms of crime, China is recognized as one of the safest countries in the world, with strict law enforcement and a conviction rate of 99%. The urban infrastructure is very well-developed with surveillance cameras everywhere. When criminals want to commit crimes, they need to think deeply. , played an effective deterrent role.


China has huge expressways and railways, the total mileage of expressways is 170,000 kilometers, and the total mileage of railways is 132,000 kilometers. Apart from flying, China’s high-speed rail is a very ideal means of travel, and what is surprising is that the fares are very cheap. Any city you want to go to can take the high-speed rail. Of course, you can also choose to travel by car.

In addition to personal travel, cargo transportation infrastructure is very well established. There is a speed called China speed. Anything you can’t think of, it is very efficient to execute in China. This explains why Musk is building a Tesla factory in Shanghai. He can choose India Or Indonesia. He finally chose Shanghai. China has a complete industrial chain, as well as efficient transportation and logistics capabilities, and the hard-working Chinese can help enterprises save more time and costs.


In the 30-year policy plan, the Chinese people have been completely lifted out of poverty. A very real data, 90% of the world’s plan to get rid of poverty is completed by China. This policy plan has undergone 30 years of transformation, and the implementation of the poverty plan is Precise support, according to the characteristics of each place, people’s living habits, and geographical environmental factors, implement different support strategies. The government does not distribute cash, and the government believes that cash distribution can only solve the current problem of food and clothing. If you want to get rid of poverty completely, It is necessary to help people to find survival skills and jobs. For example: there is a village where they live on the top of the mountain. This makes it very difficult for the local residents to travel, and the government pays to build apartments under the mountain for people to live in. For example: there is a very special agriculture in the local area Products, the government helps find sales channels, which allows local residents to have stable jobs and income. Of course, this is only a part of the case in China. There are tens of thousands of rural areas in China, and this policy planning is carried out all over the country at the same time, after 30 years Time, huge human and financial resources.

It is surprising that China has a very strong consumption power. Most of the luxury goods sales in the world are completed by China. Automobiles, jewelry, clothing, electronic products, etc. So far, it is still a very potential consumption power country. If you want When doing business, the first sales market to consider should be China. I think the happiest beneficiaries are Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Rolls-Royce and Bentley in Germany. Their sales market in China is huge. Mercedes-Benz and BMW even moved their factories to Produced in China. Another data shows that Porsche’s sales in China are second only to Mercedes-Benz and BMW.

7.infrastructure devil

China is known as the devil of infrastructure construction. It was recognized when the epidemic was first discovered. It took only 7 days to build a temporary hospital. 43 hours to complete the renovation of a bridge. It only took 1 year to change the orbit of a 30,000-ton bus station and rotate 90 degrees, breaking the Guinness World Record.

This is a bus station weighing 30,000 tons

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