Why Are Chives Good For Men?

Chinese medicine describes chives as pungent, warm-tasting food that acts on the liver, kidney, and middle region. It also aids in energy circulation and is used to treat a variety of conditions. A common use of chives is to treat impotence. It can also help treat cold-related stomach aches and stop nosebleeds. Chinese medicine also recommends chives for improving appetite and relieving diarrhea. It is best to consume chives during spring when the spleen system is more active.

Allicin in chives lowers cholesterol

Studies have shown that allicin, the active ingredient in chives, can lower cholesterol and blood pressure. Allicin works by releasing nitric oxide, a substance that reduces blood vessel stiffness. It also helps prevent the buildup of plaque in arteries. The compound also stabilizes blood sugar levels.
Allicin is also an excellent source of vitamin K, which is essential for bone health and blood clotting. It is also a good source of carotenoids, which are known to prevent age-related macular degeneration. Eating foods high in carotenoids, such as chives, can improve your eyesight. Allicin in chives is also an antitumor compound. It may reduce the risk of colon and breast cancer.

Allicin in chives lowers blood pressure

The antioxidant compound allicin found in chives is helpful for the cardiovascular system. It works by increasing the production of nitric oxide, a hormone responsible for lowering blood pressure. In addition, allicin prevents the formation of blood clots. It also inhibits the activity of an enzyme found in the liver, which leads to lower cholesterol levels. Despite its many benefits, allicin only remains in the body for a short period of time before it is converted into other organosulfur compounds.
In addition to allicin’s cardiovascular benefits, chives contain a phytochemical called quercetin. Quercetin also helps lower cholesterol levels and prevents plaque buildup in the arteries. This phytochemical also has the potential to reduce the risk of various cancers.

Vitamin K in chives boosts libido

If you’re looking for ways to improve your libido, chives may be the answer. This herb contains high amounts of vitamin K and works well in combination with other foods high in this vitamin. It also has antioxidants, which can help improve your health and fight inflammation. This herb is also known as the sexual function grass in Chinese medicine. It can improve your libido and is very easy to incorporate into your diet.

Allicin in chives reduces prostate cancer risk

Gallium vegetables like chives have cancer-fighting compounds known as allicin. The compound can help detect carcinogens and inhibit the growth of cancer-causing cells. It can also decrease cholesterol levels and reduce blood pressure. The compound also reduces the stiffness of blood vessels and releases a vasodilator substance known as nitric oxide. These properties could potentially help prevent prostate cancer.
In one study, men who consumed more than 10g of gallium vegetables daily were at a 50% lower risk of developing prostate cancer than those who did not consume the vegetables. This reduction was independent of body weight, calorie intake, or other factors. The study also found that the consumption of scallions and garlic was associated with a reduced risk of prostate cancer. The reduction in risk was also seen in patients with more advanced cancers.