How to prevent cerebral infarction

The main inducement of cerebral infarction is that the blockage of cerebral vessels is too serious, which leads to local necrosis of brain tissue due to ischemia and hypoxia. Because of the rapid onset, mortality is very high, and the onset is often instantaneous. If rescue is not carried out earlier, life may be endangered. How to prevent the brain is a problem that everyone should pay attention to.

How long can patients with cerebral infarction live

Some people say that you won’t live long if you have the cerebrovascular disease, at least you can’t live long. But you should know that cerebral infarction is cerebrovascular disease, not cancer, so suffering from cerebral infarction does not mean that you have reached the end of your life.
The cause of cerebral infarction has been found.

1. High salt food

Because the main component of salt is sodium ions, we adults need to eat about 6 grams of salt every day. But too much salt intake will not only damage blood vessels, increase blood viscosity, but also cause hypertension. Excessive consumption will lead to swelling of smooth muscle cells, accelerated arteriosclerosis, and cerebral infarction. Long-term intake of too much salt will also cause an increase in blood pressure.

2. Various alcoholic beverages

Drinking is the most harmful to cerebral infarction. But those who often drink, do not realize the harm but feel it is good for their health and can release pressure. Regular drinking will increase the level of triglycerides in the blood. In addition, alcohol has a high caloric value. Alcohol can not only directly stimulate the blood vessel wall, making the blood vessel wall lose its elasticity, but also stimulate the liver to promote the synthesis of cholesterol and triglycerides, thus causing arteriosclerosis. Long-term drinking will also damage the liver cells, causing the liver’s ability to metabolize fat to weaken. If you want to keep the cerebrovascular healthy and away from cerebral infarction, it is recommended that you should give up drinking as soon as possible.

3. Fat meat

If you eat high-fat food, it will not only lead to obesity but also increase blood lipids, which is easy to accelerate the formation of blood clots. They will be stored in the body in the form of cholesterol, which will lead to weight gain. Fat meat should not be eaten frequently, which is high in fat and calories. Eating too much will lead to obesity, metabolic disorder, and even the deterioration of atherosclerosis. It will also lead to the recurrence of coronary heart disease, cerebral infarction, and blood embolism.

4. Sweets, sweet drinks, and other high sugar foods

Nowadays, more and more people like to eat sweet food. It is true that sweet food tastes good and makes people feel happy. However, whether patients with cerebral infarction or normal people, if they eat too much sweet food, their blood sugar will rise in a short time, which not only easy to get fat but also may lead to hyperglycemia if they do not pay attention to control. The probability of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases after obesity is high, so patients with cerebral infarction had better not eat polysaccharide food.