Incredible!China cities surpass Dubai

You are about to enter a world of tomorrow.
Today. If you want to discover the future, you must come to China today s accomplishments, or yesterday s impossibilities.
Welcome to the most expensive commercial development in the world.

After a decade of construction, this $25000000000 investment is the world’s biggest flower shaped man made tourist island in the South China Sea.

Ocean Flower Island is a truly extravagant wonderland made in China with no expense spared.
Reputed as the Dubai of China, the Ocean Flower Island is located in the Bay Area in the Hanan Province.


This man made tourist destination is 1.5 times larger than the Dubai Palm Island, covering a total area of about 800 ha, or 2000 acres.
World class development is composed of three offshore islands with reclamation area of about 8 km².

For local governments and developers, reclamation has become a quick and affordable way to create a blank slate of space in one of the world’s fastest urbanizing nations.

Reclaim Land in this area has proven to be more cost effective, as plots of land in or near urban areas are at least ten times more expensive.

Investments of approximately $25 billion by the Evergrondi real Estate group, the Ocean Flower Island has developed into a tours resort island. Since it’s overall soft opening in 2020, it has drawn an endless stream of global tourists.

This entertainment site will be the home to state of the art marine museums, fantasy dramas customized by world famous directors, five star resort hotels, spas, duty free shopping malls, theme parks centered on a fairy tale theme.

Marine interactive parks, snow mountain theme water parks, light shows, food tea and bar streets and of course, shopping.
Ocean Flower Island will feature more than 200 internationally renowned brands, including twelve Micheland Star restaurants.

And if you like to live there, you can.Over 25000 residential units are on sale.The average price for an apartment with prime views face in the ocean and above the 20th floor, is approximately 2000 to 20 $500 per square meter.

This sets the new standard for world stage entertainment.China has done it again. There is no other entertainment venue on this planet that can top the Ocean Flower Island.Just sit back and take in the mesmerizing scenery in Ocean Flower Island.The island also hosted Produce Camp 2021, or Chong 2021, a very popular show in China.

At a cost of $25 billion, it is one of the largest commercial projects ever seen on Earth.
Due to the size of the project and the land reclamation, china has since put a temporary hold on all other local commercial land reclamation work.