Top 25 Most Handsome Men In The World in 2022

Omar borkan gala

The police deported Borkan from Saudi Arabia for being too handsome. Borkan is a professional model and poet with an impressive appearance.


This Italian fashion expert is famous for his beauty, unique sense of style, and unique sense of fashion. Now Mariano has become a brand ambassador of all kinds of fashion series throughout the world.

Hugh Jackman

In 1968, Hugh Jackman was born in Sydney, Australia. He is well known for his role in the movie Gladiator.

David Beckham

The most handsome man in the world, David Beckham, was born May 2, 1975, in London, England. He is also a professional football player.

Ian Joseph Somerhalder

A model and actor, she is known as the sexiest vampire in the world. Her mother encouraged her to break into the modeling industry in 1988.

Justin Trudeau

After taking office in 2015 as the 23rd Prime Minister of Canada, he has implemented policies such as increasing carbon emission taxes and expanding family welfare that have kept the unemployment rate low, particularly among women, young people, and immigrants; Our foreign policy should be multilateral and climate change should be addressed

Richard Tiffany Gere

As an actor and producer, he has won audiences over with his charming smiles and elegant manners since he entered the performing arts circle in 1949.

Henry Cavill

His popularity in the superhero series led to many more roles after he was born in Jersey, England, on May 5, 1983.

Robert Downey Jr.

Originally from New York City, he is half Lithuanian Jewish and has been involved in films since he was five years old. He also studied Wing Chin, a Chinese martial art, and holds a black belt.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Born in Los Angeles on November 11, 1974, the actor and producer have the highest reputation in the world